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Robert Dagger is the founder of High Vibe and a practical and successful nutritionist. From his shop in New York City, he has helped thousands to achieve health, vibrancy, freedom from disease, and an ability to listen to their bodies. Dagger's approach is gentle and effective - his clients experience guidance and support as they achieve their goals.

With a of combination raw foods, blended foods, exercise, stress reduction, detoxification, and supplements, and most importantly, education and responsibility, his clients have passed from disease and discontent into health, vitality and awareness.

Our Services

  • We offer personalized nutritional counseling and coaching
  • We offer expert information, support and supplies for juice fasts, internal cleansing, and gall and liver flushes
  • We develop and share natural beauty and skin care secrets
  • We help people who want to transition to raw foods and healthy diets
  • We create and share live-food recipes
  • We host informative lectures in our community, helping people help themselves!

    Call today to set your private consultation with Bob Dagger (by phone or in person). $125 an hour. 1-888-554-6645


  • Increased Energy and Vitality
  • A Youthful Vibrant Appearance
  • Personalized Fasting/Cleansing Support

Our Products

At High Vibe, we are extremely selective about what we choose to sell and promote. Everything is carefully tested and researched by us - we don't rely on advertising and promotional information when selecting our products.

Unlike most of what is commercially available, our products are based on live foods not isolates. This means that the natural enzymes are preserved, the molecules remain intact, and the nutrients are delivered to the body in the most natural way. We look for the purest ingredients, and we pay attention to the way the ingredients are extracted or produced. We compare brands and choose only those companies that offer excellent quality at a fair price.

We sell products that health care professionals recommend and use themselves, products that actually make a difference in the way you feel and live! Quite simply, we employ the same exacting standards when choosing what to put in our store as you do when choosing what to put in your body!

Our products and services are unique and attract an incredible client base! High Vibe's devoted clients include athletes, raw foodists, healers, herbalists, body workers, yogis and everyone who prefers excellence. Our customers enjoy the convenience of two-day air delivery nationwide, messenger service in Manhattan, and online shopping. And ultimately, it's our knowledgeable staff and personal service that set us apart.

What does this mean for you?

It means that when you become a High Vibe client, you can be confident that anything you buy from us is effective, safe, natural, and of the highest quality. And, most importantly, you know that your purchases are supported by a knowledgeable team of individuals whose common goal is to help you thrive as you travel the path of wellness.

(Disclaimer: High Vibe is not responsible for your health and you should always check with your physician about any changes to your health practices.)

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Welcome to High Vibe, I created this company 14 yrs. ago. My staff and I help give expert advice about raw foods, cleansing, detoxification diets, and supplements. 
Our goal is to help our clients meet their personal goals regarding health, fitness and beauty.
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